Progressive Enhancements

Sometimes people won't have Javascript enabled. Sometimes there might be an error that stops javascript execution! How do we make a "Fail Safe" way to add jQuery functionality? By Progressive enhancement!

Let's start with a simple image that we want to view in a modal box.

We'll use a jQuery plugin for this one. I chose a modal box that was easy to implement, but I found it using Google. here is a list of modal boxes I chose NyroModal because it was really easy to implement!

View the jQuery logo at files/jquery-logo.png

Another favorite of mine is:
And on BetterLesson, we use JQModal because it has fewer features to begin with, but is easier to make changes to.

"Fail Safe" does not mean that something will never fail, just that when it fails, it fails in a "safe" way!

NOTES: the nyroModal plugin is included in the plugins files/plugins folder, along with some demos from the site